where our mission is to provide healthy, khalis, unadulterated and wholesome food to your table. We grow and source herbal, natural & organic food products because at Khalispur, we care for your and your family’s well being.


After spending a major part of my life abroad, I never thought getting access to organic was a novelty. But after moving back to Pakistan, once I couldn’t even manage to find pure honey for one of my family members who was unwell. To my surprise and utter disappointment, more often than not just came across false labels and claims.


That’s when it struck to me that this is such a basic need which is unfulfilled at the moment and we could be the ones who help people get access to Khaalis produce. I presented this thought to my friend who at the time didn’t resonate with my idea but now is my partner. The reason for him being skeptical was that Pakistanis generally don’t take their well being too seriously so he though the product won’t have a big market here.


We did some research, asked questions, did some surveys and all pointed towards the same direction; We ‘Say’ we want to live a healthy life but we really don’t ‘Want’ to invest in it. Our purchase decisions are usually influenced by catchy & larger than life commercials. We easily spend any amount to enjoy a delicious meal, a juicy burger, nice clothes, beautiful shoes, and whatnot. But when it comes to investing in the right food products that provide actual nutrition; we tend to look for cheaper alternatives. Let’s be realistic, what good can we do to ourselves if we can’t be sincere towards our own and our loved ones’ well-being right at the top of the priority list.


The growing ills at a young age has forced the younger generation to become more aware of their health and what they eat. People have started making sensible choices, looking for healthy options, and giving their bodies the due importance they deserve. The growing trend of ‘making the right choices’ is already becoming more and more visible than ever before. People have started to avoid processed food brought by big names and rather have started to buy locally; to improve their lifestyle as well as to support the local hard-working community and farmers.

Join us in our mission to give ourselves and our families a wholesome and Khaalis life!